Schmetterlinge im Eingang vom Kinderhospiz Löwenherz

The Löwenherz Children’s and Youth Hospice

We’re there, we carry through with you – in life and in death

The Children’s Hospice Löwenherz in Syke near Bremen accommodates children, adolescents and young adults with terminal illnesses that cannot be cured as per the current state of the art in medicine.

The two houses have six patient rooms each for the ill children and youths as well as rooms for parents and siblings. Approx. 200 families can visit the hospice every year. The Löwenherz ambulant children’s hospice service in Bremen, Braunschweig ans Lingen supports terminally ill children and their families. In Lower Saxony, the association cooperates with several hospice services for adults and trains volunteers in children’s hospice service work. Visit our photo gallery.

Ein Mädchen im Garten vom Kinderhospiz Löwenherz

Our Mission

The „Children’s Hospice Löwenherz“ offers incurably sick children and their families relief from their burden and supports them in taking leave of their child.

Individual Care

The team works together closely with the parents. They are the experts for their child, because they best know their needs and wishes. The team „lives“ this central principle in the Children’s Hospice during their daily work. The individual needs of the children are taken into consideration during care. This way, trust and confidence can be built. Only if the parents have trust in the staff members can they release their child a little way into the hands of other people.

Burden Relief Care

The parents can hand over care to the staff members of the Children’s Hospice Löwenherz completely or partially. They can also take over the care of their child themselves or support the team. In this way, the parents are relieved of the pressure of their daily obligations. They can dedicate their free time to the sick child or to the siblings. Or, for example, spend some time  with their partner.

Palliative Care

If a disease cannot be healed at today’s level of medical knowledge then great efforts are made to alleviate the pain. And to increase quality of life.
The children are taken seriously when they express their pain. For this purpose, an individual pain therapy is required, with a sufficient supply of medication and  physical therapies using  warmth, cold and massage. The palliative care concerns not only physical well-being – it also includes the social, spiritual and emotional needs of the entire family.

End-of-Life Care

When a child enters the Children’s Hospice to die, the teamhas to be open to the wishes and needs of the dying child and the family. They decide how they would like to spend the last days or hours with their son or daughter. The family is supported in this wish.

Grief Care

After the death of the child, the team offers further support and grief care at the wish of the family.

Further information

Juliane Schulze, Geschäftsführung Kinderhospiz Löwenherz

Juliane Schulze


Hausleitung Bei Löwenherz Dorota Walkusz

Dorota Walkusz

Einrichtungsleitung | Pflegedienstleitung

Jörg Landscheid, Case Manager im Kinderhospiz Löwenherz

Jörg Landscheid von Monkiewitsch

Bildungsreferent | Bereich Trauer

Bei Fragen zur Medizinprodukte­sicherheit:

Ehrenamtliche spielen bei der ambulanten Unterstützung von Löwenherz mit Kindern.

Mobile Children’s Hospice Service

Day-to-day life with a severely ill child is difficult. A “normal” day, in which there is enough time left over for the other siblings, is hardly possible. To unburden you somewhat, our volunteers can help you.

We help families with a severely ill child or young person at home. Every family in which a child or young person (0 to 24 years old) is living with a serious illness may contact us. We support families who live in Bremen or Lower Saxony. It does not cost any money.

The helpers will visit your families once a week in your home for about three hours and support you and your family in your day-to-day life. For example, they might spend time with the ill child or young person, play with the siblings or have a conversation with you. The volunteers cannot take on medical or nursing duties. They cannot do any paperwork for authorities or health insurance companies. They also will not do housework. If you need support in these particular areas, then speak to our co-ordinators. We are happy to help you to find appropriate help.

Further information

Frauke Hannse, Leitung ambulante Kinderhospizarbeit Löwenherz

Frauke Pohl

Leitung ambulante Kinderhospizarbeit Löwenherz

Der Verein Kinderhospiz Löwenherz e.V.

The Association

The association „Children’s Hospice Löwenherz e.V.“ was established in Sulingen (district of Diepholz) in May 1998. The goal: creation and operation of an inpatient children’s hospice.

At the same time, the population should be informed about the topic of „death and dying of children“ through comprehensive public relations work. An important responsibility of the Association is the collection of donations for the operation of the Children’s Hospice and of the ambulant children’s hospice services. For that purpose, the bureau team organizes presentations, lectures and campaigns. At the present time, the Association „Children’s Hospice Löwenherz e.V.“ has more than 1900 members and 160 active volunteers.

Further information

Kirsten Höfer, Geschäftsführerin im Kinderhospiz Löwenherz e.V.

Kirsten Höfer


Anke Nürnberg-Schmiedeken, Kinderhospiz Löwenherz

Anke Nürnberg-Schmiedeken

Empfang | Team-Assistenz

Tatjana Gutwein vom Kinderhospiz Loewenherz

Tatjana Gutwein


Kinder spielen auch im Löwenherz gerne im Bällebad

Financing & Donations

The support and accommodation of the parents and siblings must be financed through donations.

Around half of the operational costs for the Children’s Hospice Löwenherz are covered by the hospice rates of the health insurance. This amount thus safeguards the medicinal and nursing care. It comes nowhere near covering the entire ongoing costs, however. For the entire operation of the Children’s Hospice, more than € 2.200.000 in annual donations are necessary. Löwenherz is thus dependent on the solidarity and the support of the population and the economy in the future, too.

A not-for-profit company with limited liability (gGmbH) was established for the operation. The shareholder is the association Kinderhospiz Löwenherz e.V. It is responsible for the collection of donation money and for public relations.

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Kontoinhaber: Kinderhospiz Löwenherz e.V.
Kreditinstitut: Kreissparkasse Syke
IBAN: DE07 2915 1700 1110 0999 99

Further Information

Löwenherz: Spendenverwaltung Edda Oltmann

Edda Oltmann

Spendenverwaltung | Teamleitung

Die Stiftung Kinderhospiz Löwenherz ist eine zusätzliche Säule der Finanzierung

Löwenherz Foundation

The „Children’s Hospice Löwenherz Foundation“ was established to safeguard in the long-term the work for incurably sick children and their families.

It is intended as an additional support for the financing of the operational costs. Because at the present time one half of the current costs is financed through donations. Since this revenue cannot easily be calculated for the long run, the risk should be reduced in this way.

The foundation is managed by a five-person board of trustees (board of directors). A foundation council advises the board of directors and controls it. The foundation was created on February 10, 2008, the „Day of Children’s Hospice Work,“ with a ceremonial establishment act. Foundation contributions are hoped for so that the new endow ment will grow and the income also increase from year to year. Supporters are asked to add the indication „foundation contribution“ on the remittance slip when making deposits. The „Children’s Hospice Löwenherz Foundation“ is member in the central association of german foundations (Bundesverband Deutscher Stiftungen).

Account numbers „Children’s Hospice Löwenherz Foundation“

Kreissparkasse Syke
IBAN: DE88 2915 1700 1110 0175 46
Keyword: Zustiftung

Bankhaus Hallbaum
IBAN: DE53 2506 0180 1001 1902 20
Keyword: Zustiftung

Further information

Löwenherz Abteilungsleitung Verwaltung: Silke Sievers

Silke Sievers


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